Thursday, December 16, 2010

Spicy Nuts and Bolts

I love crunchy, savory things - and Nuts and Bolts (also called Chex Mix) has been apart of my life forever. I make it quite a bit during the year but I always make a bunch over the Holidays. This is my tweaking of the recipe - I always goes over big at parties.

Ingredients -

1 Box Corn Chex
(I only like the corn so I only use corn Chex)
If you like a mix of the cereals you will need about 12 or so cups of cereal.
1 C Mixed Nuts
1 C or A big handful of pretzel sticks
3 Tlbs Worcester Sauce
1 Tlbs Hot Sauce
1 Stick Sweet Butter
2 Heaping Teas Season Salt
1 Heaping Teas Garlic Salt (you can substitute garlic powder)

1 - In a large Roasting pan put the butter, then put the pan in a 325 oven. Melt the butter, but do not brown.
2 - In a large pot mix together the Chex, Nuts and pretzels.

3 - In a small bowl mix together the Worcester Sauce, Hot Sauce, season salt and garlic salt. Stir.

4 - When the butter is fully melted and before it browns take the pan out of the oven and mix in the liquids. Stir to fully mix all the sauce.

Take the Chex stuff and pour into the pan. Fully mix and coat the cereal mix with the sauce.
5 - Place the pan back in the oven and every 15 or so mins take it out and stir all the cereal mix

so that it does not stick and burn. After an hour or so it should be brown and toasty. Take it out of the oven and let it cool completely before putting the mix into and airtight container. The recipe doubles up very easily and will keep a week or so if not gobbled up. :)


  1. OMG; I think I could guarantee the undying devotion of all the guys in my life if I made this! :P I really should; perhaps this weekend!

  2. My husband makes this! Yum! I love cheerios (soaks up that garlic!), cashews and goldfish in it too. This stuff doesn't last long in our house.