Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Betty's Favorite Coffe Cake

This really delicious coffee cake comes from "Mennonite Girls Can Cook" - Blog.  A wonderful spot for some terrific recipes.  I am running short of time this morning so if you click HERE you will go directly to the recipe.

I only made two changes - one on purpose and one not so on purpose....  I added the frosting as I always think cake deserves some....  and the other one was by mistake.  Instead of splitting the cinnamon filling into two portions I poured all of it into the middle - I would not recommend doing this, not that it will not taste terrific, but that it makes the slices sort of break into two pieces - and it sort of sinks as it bakes.  Other than that this is a great, simple recipe.


  1. That looks delicious Edgar! And, I'm on a diet too - or should I say a liveit!

  2. that blog is a fantastic blog!!! I make MANY of their recipes!!!!!