Friday, August 5, 2011

Lemon and Blueberry Yogurt Cake

This Tasty cake came from "Big Mamas Home Kitchen" - via "The Country Cook" 
- check out the Blogs they are super!!

Cake Ingredients:
1 1/2 AP Flour
2 Tsp Baking Powder
Dash Salt
1 1/4 C Vanilla Yogurt
1 C Sugar
3 Eggs (room temp)
1/3 C Canola Oil
2 Tsp Grated lemon Zest
1 Tsp Vanilla Extract
1 C Fresh Blueberries + 2 Tsp Flour

Preheat the oven to 350 degree.  grease and Flour a bread loaf pan (I used two 2lb foil loaf pans and split the batter between them)  In a bowl, sift together the flour, baking powder and salt  In a separate large bowl, whisk together the yogurt, sugar, eggs, oil, lemon zest and vanilla extract.  Add the dry ingredients into wet ingredients and whisk until batter is smooth.  Sprinkle the 2 Tsp of flour over berries and toss to coat -this helps keep them from sinking to the bottom of the pan during cooking.  Carefully fold the blueberries into the batter.  Pour the batter into the prepared pan and bake for about 45-50 minutes, or until a toothpick tester comes out clean.

Lemon Simple Sugar:
1/3 C freshly squeezed Lemon Juice
1/3 C Sugar

In a small pan over medium heat, stir together the juice and sugar.  Cook until sugar dissolves completely.  Turn off heat and set this aside.  Make this syrup while the cakes bakes.

When cake is done, remove it to a wire rack and run a knife along the edges of the pan to loosen.  Allow to cool in pan for about 10 minutes.  Carefully transfer cake from pan to wire baking rack on top of a sheet pan.  Pour the lemon simple sugar syrup over the cake and allow it to soak in.  let cake cool.

Vanilla Glaze - 
3/4 C Icing Sugar
1/2 Tsp Vanilla extract
milk, as needed

In a small bowl stir together the icing sugar, vanilla extract, and enough milk to make a thin pourable glaze.  Pour or drizzle over cooled cake and let run down the sides.  Transfer to a serving platter, slice and enjoy.

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  1. Hi Edgar,
    i love to cross stitch and so that is how I found your main blog. i have been reading your blog for a few years now but rarely commenting.

    Just recently I moved from an appalling flat (literally holes in the floorboards in the kitchen) to a wonderful new house with a 'chef's kitchen'. I baked as a teen when I lived at home but never since.

    So with this wonderful new kitchen I wanted to bake and the pics of your lemon blueberry yoghurt cake sent me over the edge and I decided to make it. Today I baked a cake for the first time in 10 years. it's just come out of the oven and I've drizzled the lemon sugar syrup. waiting for it to cool. wow I'm so proud!! I made it for my sisters family who are coming around tomorrow to see the new place and have lunch. I can't wait! I'm going to bring this cake round to friends for desert tonight and get up early tomorrow and make another!!

    Thanks for posting your yummy pics of your baking and cross stitch and for sharing your recipes!!

    smiles - Lisa